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As a Friend of the KU Natural History Museum, you can help us achieve our mission to study the life of the planet while receiving great benefits, including free admission to more than 300 other science centers and museums.

Support team T rex KU

Bring the T. rex home to KU

This summer, the KU Natural History Museum wants to send a paleontology team back to Montana for four weeks to look for more of a Tyrannosaurus rex discovered there.

This expedition will help KU scientists piece together the puzzle of this dinosaur. So far, they have 15 percent of the entire fossil, from nose to tail.

But we need you to help us bring the T. rex home to KU. Support is needed for every aspect of the expedition, from tools and plaster to food, lodging and transportation for the scientists and students.

Be a part of team T. rex for KU: support the expedition to bring this fossil home to the KU Natural History Museum. 


Support Science and Discovery

Biodiversity knowledge is essential for science and society: for sustaining natural resources, human health, economic stability and the quality of human life. By supporting Biodiversity Institute research, donors can help.

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Corporate Sponsorship

The KU Natural History Museum brings the natural world into focus for over 60,000 people annually through its exhibits and programs. Financial support from corporations, foundations and small businesses helps make this broad impact and unmatched visitor experience possible.

The Panorama

Support the Panorama

The Panorama, the iconic natural history exhibit at the center of the KU Natural History Museum, is in critical need of preservation.