Lab Members

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Rob Moyle. Rob is interested in understanding the patterns and processes of avian diversification. He hails from New York.


Graduate Students

Jesse Holmes. Jesse is broadly interested in evolution and biogeography and her previous research has focused on the swift family (Apodidae). She hails from Rolla, MO.

Jack Hruska. Jack is interested in avian evolution and biogeography. He hails from Latin America.


Luke Klicka. Luke is interested in avian phylogeography and population genetics.  He hails from Cambridge, MN.


Undergraduate Students (current)

Will Gunderson.  Will Gunderson is working with grad student Luke Campillo on phylogeography of Philippine endemic birds (2014-present).

Sam Remmert.  Sam is working with grad student Luke Klicka on several phylogeography projects. (2015-present).

Former Lab Members

Luke Campillo. (M.Sc. 2013-2016) Luke will begin his Ph.D. studies at the University of Hawaii in the fall of 2016.


Joe Manthey.  (Ph.D. 20112015). Presently, Joe is a postdoctoral fellow at NYU (Abu Dhabi) with Stephane Boissinot.


Carl Oliveros, (M.Sc. and Ph.D. 2007–2015).  Carl is currently a postdoctoral fellow working with Brant Faircloth at Louisiana State University.


Pete Hosner, (Ph.D. 2007–2014).  Pete is currently a Resident Lecturer with the School of Field Studies in Bhutan, after completing a postdoctoral fellowship with Rebecca Kimball and Ed Braun at the University of Florida.


Muhammad Janra, (M.A. 2010–2014). Muhammad is currently a recruiter at Varsity Company International.


Mike Andersen, (Ph.D. 2008–2013).  Mike is currently an Assistant Professor and Associate Curator at the University of New Mexico.


Robin Jones, (M.A. 2010–2013).  Robin is currently working with Daniel Ksepka on avian evolution in the fossil record and curating exhibitions in the science department at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT


Nikki Boggess, (Undergraduate student 2012–2013). 


Meredith Burke, (Undergraduate student 2012).  Meredith is currently a student tester in the Informatics Division of the KU Biodiversity Institute.


Hannah Shult, (Undergraduate student 2008–2012).  Hannah is currently a master's student working with Jeff Davis and Claudia Husseneder at Louisiana State University.


Joshua Selbe, (Undergraduate student 2012).  Josh is currently an undergraduate student at Pittsburg State University.


Luis Antonio Sanchez-Gonzalez, (Postdoctoral Associate 2009–2010).  Luis is currently a Career Associate Professor at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.