TitleGalatheanthemum profundale (Anthozoa : Actiniaria) in the western Atlantic
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCairns SD, Bayer FM, Fautin DG
JournalBulletin of Marine Science
Start Page1
Date Published01/2007
Accession NumberISI:000245296500011

Galatheanthemum profundale Carlgren, 1956, is one of two known species of tube-forming sea anemones from abyssal-hadal depths. It was described from the trenches of the western Pacific Ocean, and has been reported from many trenches in the Pacific and at abyssal depths of Antarctica. Here we extend its range to the Atlantic Ocean, based on specimens collected in the Puerto Rico Trench and Virgin Islands Trough. In light of our research, it is likely that previous reports of Galatheanthemum sp. from the Atlantic Ocean refer to this species.


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