Tashitso Anamza, MS Student

Tashitso Anamza

Tashitso Anamza (Zaxicuo) grew up in a nomadic family in a region of eastern Tibet called Amdo. Her childhood life revolved around tasks associated with daily caring for yaks, horses, and sheep. Her decisions about what career to pursue were heavily influenced by her childhood. She feels lucky to be one of the very few Tibetan women to study biology abroad. Prior to her journey to the United States she did an associate degree from Qinghai Normal University in China. Tashitso joined KU Herpetology as a master’s student in spring of 2013 after completing her Bachelors degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Kansas. Tashitso is interested in investigating the diversification of vertebrates in south and southeastern Asia using ecological and genomic data along with new techniques for analyzing these data. She is currently working on a project to understand the Pleistocene habitat suitability of Eurasian warblers (Phylloscopus trochiloides) via ecological niche modeling. She is also involved in a group landscape genetics project that involves collecting genomic data (RAD-Seq) for the widespread SE Asian frog genus Occidozyga.